Guest Post: How to Survive Blogger Burnout by Little Red Reviewer


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I am super excited to host today one of my favourite bloggers Andrea Johnson a.k.a. Little Red Reviewer. Andrea has run her book review blog since 2010 and has published over 400 reviews covering all sorts of science fiction, fantasy, and everything in between. She is also the creator of #VintageSciFiMonth which happens every January (do it do it do it!!! … no pressure), and has organized read-alongs and blog tours. She was a contributor to SFSignal and is currently the author interviewer at Apex Magazine.

Andrea lives with her husband in a college town in Michigan and their home looks like a library that exploded, which is the best kind of home.

And the really, really exciting thing is that in January 2019 Andrea will be running a Kickstarter to print a book The Best of Little Red Reviewer. Squeeeeeeeeee!!!

So, without further ado (and I’ve always wanted to say this!) let me hand over to Andrea:


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How to Survive Blogger Burnout

The biggest pitfall a book blogger will ever face is burnout. It looks a little like this:

I don’t want to write a blog post. I don’t even want to look at my blog! Starting a blog was a terrible idea!

Have you ever said those words? If yes, you’ve experienced blogger burnout. It happens to all of us. I’m not sure if there is a way to avoid it, but I can give you some tips on surviving it. You know why you have to survive it? Because if you don’t get through it your blog will die.

Lots of bloggers talk about blogger burnout, and it’s an important discussion to have. It’s a real thing, it happens to everyone. Don’t be in denial, learn the signs, and think ahead about how you’ll deal with it.

Feeling like you’re on the horizon of blogger burnout? Here are some tips to get you in a better direction?

1. Read a comfort read. What book always makes you smile and makes you feel good about the world? Read it, and don’t review it. Take some time to read for pleasure without the pressure of thinking about a review.

2. Write some blog posts that a different format than your usual. Do you usually post book reviews? Change it up! Post about other interesting things in your life – your garden, what you’re studying at school, music you like, recipes you like, your cute dog, a neat store in your town. You’ll be happily surprised to read in your comments that your readers are also taking classes, or have a cute dog, or like the same kind of music, or are growing those same plants in their garden.

3. Announce a hiatus. Do a blog post that you’re taking a 2 week blogging break to refresh and regroup. Your readers will support you because they don’t want you to get burned out.

4. It’s really, really easy to get burned out on super long books. 700 pages takes me a week at least to read! Novellas are a wonderful, wonderful thing! All the adventure and fun of a doorstopper, in only 120 pages!

5. Do a meme, or three! It’s Monday what are you reading, Teaser Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, Mailbox Mondays. There are tons of super fun book blogger memes that can be just the thing when you’re on the edge of burnout. Do a meme post, and use meme links to network with new bloggers and get excited about blogging all over again.

6. It’s ok to do a post that you are feeling burned out. It’s ok to change up the format of your blog to make blogging easier. It’s ok to post less often if that will help you feel less burned out.

7. I hate to end on this sad note, but it’s ok to let intense blogger burnout be the signpost that it is: that maybe it’s time for your blog to die. Blogs aren’t forever, and you’ve got another exciting project right around the corner!


I’ve experienced my share of blogger burnout. Sometimes it was caused to trying to do too much on the blog, sometimes it was caused by life getting in the way and I was afraid I’d never have time to blog again. One day the burn out will be so intense that I’ll know it’s time to let the blog die.

I want my best work to live longer than my blog. That’s why I’m Kickstarting The Best of Little Red Reviewer, a print book that will showcase my best reviews, the blog posts I’m most proud of. My work will survive blogger burnout, it will survive if WordPress as a platform doesn’t, it will survive if the internet evolves into who knows what.

Wanna know more about the Kickstarter? Click here for more info, and follow me on twitter for daily updates.




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