Fun for Monday: 5-Star Books in 5 Words

Lisa over at Dear Geek Place did this fun feature post the other day and I want in! A tag originally created by Matthew Sciarappa (it’s a great video) and which Lisa found by way of Lauren over at Always Me.

The rules are simple: pick five books you’ve rated as five-star reads, then sum them up in five words only. Fun!!

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As it’s SciFi Month I decided to go back in time and pick some of the first scifi books I ever read, when I was a highly impressionable teenager. I’ve used my five words to create imaginary news headlines for these books (yeah, I’m that kind of annoying person):


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Humans escape alien city experiment!




Computer games for the win!




First contact: thing of wonder!




Post-apocalyptic plants will kill!




Spaceship powered by human brain!



Anyone else fancy having a go?

If you do, please send me a link to your post in the comments if you do so I can see your awesomeness!








    • I read An Alien Light so, so long ago, and I’ve not reread it to see if it stands up – but I remember really enjoying it and it obv made an impression on me, since I still remember so much about it now.
      I’d like to read her more recent Yesterday’s Kin books to see if I like her now I’m a grown up. 😀

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  1. Wish I got round to reading more SF in the SFF genre: I have quite a few *** and **** books but I think not enough 5-star ratings to do this fun challenge. But who knows, I’m rather tempted!

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    • I think McCaffrey’s mileage varies considerably. A lot of her stuff is very dated now (although I still love her unconditionally!) 🙂
      I’ve really been enjoying your SciFi Month posts. So thank YOU! 😀


    • Ha ha ha! 😁 Yeah, I like nature getting back at us stories. DotT is very of its time, but still a great book.
      Hope you have a go at this tag – it’s good fun. 😊

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