May I propose a toast?

Calvin and Hobbes Toast

I’ve always wanted to propose a toast. To stand up among friends, ting a wine glass with a fork for attention and manage to string some words together without apparent effort, but with obvious feeling. Only three things stand in my way: my current inability to deal with groups of people, the fact that I don’t drink, and my difficulties with speaking coherently when under pressure.

This is much easier.

Please, fill your glasses (or plates) with whatever you choose and join me in this wish for the New Year:


To the adventure.

To all the great and good books we will discover or revisit in the coming year.

To all the new characters we will meet and love, or love to loathe.

To all the mysteries, romances and journeys we have yet to go on.

To the fertile imaginations of authors, may they be blessed with ideas and inspiration.

To new friends, new voices and new ways of looking at the world.

To the smell of new books and old.

To the memory capacity of ereaders (may your battery life be long).

And, finally, to all of you, fellow bloggy people, fellow readers. The quest is that much more fun because of your fine company.

Hobbits Toast



  1. As something who shares your inability to cope with large — and, especially, noisy — who neither drinks, and who despite 35 years of teaching still finds it hard to speak coherently about anything which isn’t a specialism, I heartily empathise. But I do share wholeheartedly in the sentiments expressed in this multi-faceted toast and wish you the very best for 2020 in all that you do, think and feel.

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