Fun for Monday: 5-Star Books in 5 Words (Fantasy edition)

Fun for Monday

I loved this tag during SciFi Month last year so I’m glad the lovely Wyrd and Wonder people decided to suggest a fantasy edition. The rules are simple – pick five books you’ve rated as five-star reads, then sum them up in only five words – but it’s surprisingly challenging (or at least, it is for me!) and I feel very pleased with myself when I’ve managed it.

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Here we go …



Merlin – from boy to man



17192197 17192170 17192178 17192163 17192150

Foretold – farm boy slays god




The man of her dreams?

(I feel I have been very clever here!)




Desire, magic, class and tourneys

(And not at all clever here)




Witchiness in the modern world


Yay! So much fun!! Has anybody else read any of these books? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

And I look forward to seeing who else have given this tag a go for Wyrd and Wonder!






30 thoughts on “Fun for Monday: 5-Star Books in 5 Words (Fantasy edition)

  1. The Dickinson title, well the series too, was pretty dark, so yours is such a witty comment! Only read the first if the Eddings series, and that was many years ago, I wish I didn’t have so many books waiting, waiting… 😁

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  2. Someone over on Librarything is doing a re-read of the Belgariad. It got me to thinking and so I added the Elenium to my tbr. I haven’t read the Sparhawk trilogy since ’02 or so 😀


  3. Ah The Belgariad. I haven’t read those books for a long looong time. Might have to pick them up again at some point now i’m an adult 🙂

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      1. Haha same. I’ve heard some people say some of it is a bit cringe and backward by modern standards, but we can definitely still enjoy things while recognising their problems.

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      2. Maybe a buddy / group read for moral support? I have been wrestling with the same thing (temptation to reread. I keep seeing them mentioned on Twitter and keep seeing them on my shelves and…). I do wish I’d waited for the Dragonlance buddy read that I didn’t know would be happening a few years after I reread it – reading it alone did me / it no favours, totally the ex you hook up with at a party and realise maybe you should have left it at fond memories. But I think if I’d had a little private chat/snark/check yourself chat thread going with liikeminded readers we’d have been fine?

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  4. Yes! I’m hoping to have a go at this Challenge sometime next week. You did a GREAT job – and no… I haven’t read any of these books and they look very tempting. All of them *sigh*

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