Fun for Monday: The Rainbow Tag

A tag that originated with Le Book Chronicles and that I saw first over at Reading Every Night (a blog that has the loveliest header – since I’ve started noticing these things).

I’ve gone for books that are on my TBR (because so many of our already-read-and-loved books are still in boxes), and where possible I’ve tried to pick books that I haven’t mentioned before so as not to bore anyone too much.


From my point of view what better way to spend my Sunday afternoon than rummaging through books? Although, obviously reading them would be a lot more productive. Le sigh.




After reading the Binti novellas this was my next Okorafor purchase. I then realised that, even though this is the prequel to Who Fears Death, I should perhaps read that book first. (Anyone read either of these? Got any thoughts on whether it’s OK to read Phoenix first?)



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There are just so many ways in which the world could end! Maybe I won’t read this one this year though …



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I loved Welcome to Night Vale and was delighted to find that Fink and Cranor had written a second book (and now a third also) to go along with their podcast (which I discovered after the book). All hail the glow cloud!




My mileage has varied wildly with Tepper up ‘til now, but this second-hand find opens with a talking horse, so there’s hope. (And, dagnabbit, I’ve just found out – while grabbing the cover image – that this is book two in a trilogy…)



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A birthday purchase two years ago that I’ve yet to read, I picked this because it made me think of a comic book I really enjoyed call We3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly, which is also about weaponised animals.



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I was so excited to find this in a local charity shop back when everyone in the blogosphere was talking about this trilogy. I then did precisely nothing about catching up with you all, so here it still is on the TBR stack.




I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention this, so I’ve no idea if it’s going to be worth my time or not. But the gamble is half the fun, no?



25430248. sy475

Yeah, I know it’s not quite (at all!) pink. It’s the best I could do. I bought this new right after I finished To Say Nothing of the Dog and Time is the Fire and was jonesing for all the Connie Willis.




That cover. That’s it. That’s the reason.



26834384. sy475

This was another charity shop buy. Late last year I saw the rest of the trilogy for sale second-hand and am still kicking myself that I didn’t snatch them up.



43199733. sy475

Another brand new purchase. It’s going to sound odd, perhaps, but I bought this because it looked difficult. That, and there’s the mention of a sentient forest in the blurb on the back. Who doesn’t love thinking trees?


So, has anyone read any of these? Does anyone want to make their own rainbow? If so, consider yourself tagged!




    • Oooo, thank you. I think I’ve only read one review for Dogs of War, so good to hear another opinion. 😊
      Pretty much everything I’ve read by Willis has been set in her Oxford time-travel universe, so I’m interested to see how Crosstalk will pan out … fingers crossed. 😁

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  1. I have not read Dogs of War, but if you like it, chances are pretty good you’ll like most everything else that Tchaikovsky writes. He’s one of those authors that you like or dislike what he writes from the get-go 🙂

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  2. and – I missed your last reply. I don’t know why but I don’t seem to receive notifications even though I’m pretty sure I usually check the box to be notified of replies. Anyhow, shall we go for a buddy read early New Year at some point? – Given my tardy responses we should chat through DM/Twitter?
    Lynn 😀

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