Fun for Monday: The Confessions Tag

I found this tag over at The Book Nut when trawling for tags to do this month while taking part in the Kushiel’s Dart read-along. Be warned: that’s all you’ll be getting from me during September – read-along posts and tags – I’m on countdown to some much-needed leave, during which time I’ll try to rebuild my store of prepared posts ready for the inevitable depression that’s on it’s way.

In the meantime, forgive me fellow book-lovers for I have sinned, it has been I don’t know how long since my last confession…   


Which book, most recently, did you not finish?

The Whisper Man by Alex North. It was too scary! (Ghosts and monsters are not half as terrifying as people can be).



Which book is your guilty pleasure?

Not one book, but many: It’s always been Georgette Heyer, an author my Nana loved to read. And I didn’t used to admit this to anyone because I thought they’d judge me, but frankly I’m too old for that crap now. I inherited my Nana’s stack of Heyer books when she died and I enjoy reading them when I’m feeling a bit poop. There’s a lovely feeling to chuckling away over one of her stories and remembering my Nana doing exactly the same thing.



Which book do you love to hate?

I feel an almost gleeful dislike for the Twilight books. I haven’t even read them. A work friend of mine read the series and gave me a detailed interpretation of the story (with voices) as she went along, (she’s fabulously dramatic, so this really was very entertaining – far more than my actually reading the books for myself would have been). Delightful as that was, however, these books have So. Many. Problems. 

Just say no …

Which book would you throw into the sea?

None of them! There’s nothing more upsetting than a book that’s had a bath – all those swollen, crinkly pages offendeth my eyes!


Which book have you read the most?

It’s still The Hobbit. I read it nearly every Christmas and I’ve been alive for quite some time now, so I don’t think any other book is going to beat it.



Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

Any book I haven’t asked for/ shown obvious interest in (I’m a heavy hinter). I’m not keen on surprises and, worse, being bought duplicates. This makes me sound like such an ungrateful swine, doesn’t it?! I just don’t like the waste.


Which book could you not live without?

I love so many books, I can’t pick just one so, I’m going to say my notebook. I always have a small A5 sized notebook with me. I keep in it book lists, calendars, to do lists, quotes, interesting pictures and words, and any other flotsam and jetsam I find. I usually use one a year and these notebooks mean so much to me: they are vital to the organisation of my life, they’re a place for me to be absolutely myself, and they’re an invaluable reference.


Which book made you the angriest?

Most recently, Richard Avery’s The Deathworms of Kratos. There’s plenty said about it online in various places, so I’m not going to give it any further attention. It doesn’t deserve it.



Which book made you cry the most?

This year, the prize goes jointly to Abhorsen by Garth Nix and The Prize in the Game by Jo Walton. It was quite an emotional beginning to the year.


Which book cover do you hate the most?

There’s something glorious about dreadful book covers, don’t you think? It’s hard to hate them. I feel about bad book covers the way Lilo feels about her photos of sunburnt tourists. I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before that I enjoy the website Good Show Sir for celebrating some beautifully awful SFF book covers from around the world.

But if you’re asking about one of my least favourite covers of the books that I own and have read, it’s probably this one by Gollancz for The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. A story this incredible should have an incredible cover, and this is … well, it’s just a bit meh, isn’t it?

It’s very … dried-blood-brown




  1. That cover for Anubis Gates is horrible! Even the SFBC 50th anniversary edition isn’t that bad 😦

    I still prefer the paperback copy cover I read as a teen….


  2. What a delightful tag!
    I had to smile at your mention of Georgette Heyer’s books because for me they are linked to recollections of my mom, who loved these stories just as much as I did 🙂
    And I share your passionate hate of the Twilight saga without ever having read one book: above all, vampires DON’T SPARKLE! Tsk! 😀

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  3. Greetings! Have been a regular traveller here because I know you’re a fellow Jo Walton & Georgette Heyer fan. 🙂 And now I get to know that you too always carry an A5 notebook — which I do too. Thanks and keep up the great posts.

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  4. This is a great tag! I’ve got Abhorsen high on my TBR, after I was very meh on Lirael the other month, and now I’m worried it might have too many feels

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