Fun for Monday: My Life in Books Tag

I’m not quite following the rules for this tag as set out by the literaryelephant because it was too hard to complete the sentences using only titles of books I’ve read this year, so I broadened it out to any books I’ve read.

This was a lot of fun to do though, can I tempt anyone else to have a go?


In high school I was:

one of the Redshirts i.e. no name and no speaking part




I will never be:

Half a King … or half a queen either




People might be surprised that:

Adulthood is a Myth, but I’m not. I’m living proof, baby!

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My fantasy job is:

A Scholar of Magics ink-stained fingers, pen behind my ear, books stacked around the room … the works




At the end of a long day I need:

The Airs of Earth – a good walk usually does the trick

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I hate:

Just One Damn Thing After Another … and yes, I’m looking at you 2020!

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I wish I had:

A Thousand Nights and days in which to read through my tbr piles




At a party you’d find me with:

Binti: (at) Home (ideally, I’d just be at home alone … no offence, Binti)



I’ve never been to:

The Country of Ice Cream Star nor do I wish to go, but this year’s doing it’s darnedest to get us there

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A happy day includes:

Etiquette and Espionage if everyone uses their manners and I get to do a spot of people-watching, I’m a happy lass




Motto I live by:

Life is Magic … as long as there are books

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On my bucket list is:

becoming an Assassin’s Apprentice – I think I’d make an excellent sneaky-stabby person




In my next life, I want to have:

more Sunshine in my soul and more Dog(s) and (a) Dragon … is that too big an ask, do you think?

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  1. How did you manage to pick the titles!? These were so funny and also so on the mark – Just One Damn Thing After Another for 2020 and how people get surprised that Adulthood is a Myth. Haha. This was fun.

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    • It took me about a week of trawling through my Goodreads to find titles that worked! 😆
      It was worth it though if I made someone laugh! 😁


  2. Ha, this was great fun to read! Just wondering: could you *really* read through your TBR in A Thousand Nights and days? (I have zero self-restraint when it comes to books, so I think I’d need more like the equivalent of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August to get through mine.)

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    • Haha!! Way to call me out Linda! 🤣🤣🤣 No. No way could I do it all in thousand nights and days … but I really like your first fifteen lives call! ❤


  3. Cool tag! I should be wary of you now, though, with your Assassin’s Apprentice plans – you never know if you’ve learned enough about poisons and stabbing! 😀

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