Fun for Monday: Halloween Book Covers Tag

This is an original tag created by Kristen over at Moonlight and Metaphors that I was particularly attracted to because Kristen’s rules are so relaxed:

“It’s really simple. All you have to do is find a book cover for each topic! It can be covers you love, books you’ve read, random covers – there are no rules. You can put your own spin on things. Do what you want 🙂 Just have fun…”

Yay! Can do! I am so hijacking this tag to talk about some of my favourite cover artists! (Whilst keeping it spooktastic, of course).

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Artwork Credit: Sergey Niven from



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This is Chris Panatier at his ink and watercolour best. And yes, that’s the same Chris Panatier who just wrote The Phlebotomist for which he also did the cover art. You can find more of Panatier’s work here.

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1201724. sy475

I first fell in love with Jon Foster when I saw those Mistborn covers, I love the point-of-view and feeling of motion in all three. He also did the art for Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker, a book I got for it’s cover alone (and still haven’t read).

You can see an impressive cross section of Foster’s work on his website here.



40389431. sy475

Not blood maybe, but that red is vicious, isn’t it? And this cover by Jeremy Wilson is just too pretty to ignore!

On Wilson’s website there are further brilliant pieces; I particularly like his Witcher, his Pinhead and his fabulous alt poster for Big Trouble in Little China!


Spiders, Bats, or other creepy creatures

(For the record, bats are not creepy but adorable, and spiders are the quietest lodgers/roommates I’ve ever had, but I take the point).


I wasn’t a fan of this book (or its predecessor), but it’s another one I picked up because of its cover. The design is by Rob Grom and the photographer was Geoff Spear. I don’t know who made the paper spiders …


Something Witchy

7507944. sy475

Oh my goodness, I love Jillian Tamaki’s artwork so so much and this cover is perfect.

She also did the illustrations and cover art for a Folio Society edition of Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea which you can see on her tumblr here, and you can really appreciate her range and talent if you take a look at her website here.

I have two of her graphic novels on my list of books to buy too – if heart-eyes were a real thing, my eyes would be huge pulsing blood-pumps right now.

Jillian Tamaki's Covers for SuperMutant Magic Academy and This One Summer


Severed Body Part

34594037. sy475

Another book that’s on the to-buy list, I love this kind of bold, graphic design style. Designer and illustrator Will Staehle is responsible for it, and he’s done a heap of covers that I love, as you can see below.

His website is fabulous.


Full Moon

45166076. sy475

Sija Hong, everybody. Go visit her website now and step into a world of myth and magic.

You’re welcome.



6687860. sx318

I have to admit that Chris Riddell, Childrens’ Laureate for 2015-2017, leaves me a little speechless. I follow him on both Twitter and Instagram where he frequently knocks out blue pencil sketches of dragons (all the hearts forever!) and shares his political sketchbook. You can also find more of his work on his tumblr.


Haunted House

I particularly like this Corgi cover for The Haunting of Hill House, but unfortunately, it’s another that I can’t find any information about. There’s a kickass post over at BookRiot about the variety of covers that have been produced for this book. If I have a favourite, it has to be the one below by Aron Weisenfeld. He works in charcoal and while I don’t think he’s done much else in the way of cover art, his website shows off a lot more of his incredible work.

28439775. sy475




Yeah, I know there isn’t actually a ghost on the cover, but there’s the suggestion of something ghostly happening there. The artist, Christian McGrath, also did the cover art for P Djeli Clark’s The Black God’s Drums, which I love.

Oh, yeah, and his is also the hand that painted Butcher’s Dresden Files covers, which you can see on his website here.

38118138. sy475


Classic Monster (Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster etc)

51179882. sx318 sy475

(You’ll have to trust me on this one, unless you’ve already read this and know what kind of creature you’re looking at).

This cover by Daria Hlazatova is just frigging awesome. I hadn’t come across her work before seeing this cover and she is my latest love. You can find her on Instagram and there’s a cool article about her here by Enchanted Living Magazine.



25493853. sy475

This folky style is just so pretty. Pretty like … say … candy! (What? It’s the best I could do!)

I first came across Aitch’s work when I read Frances Hardinge’s A Skinful of Shadows and I immediately scurried off to see what else she’d done. You can see her website here and more of her work here on the Central Illustration Agency’s website. Feast your eyes.


Someone in a costume or mask


Wouldn’t this make a great Halloween costume?

I haven’t read this yet either, but I do love Tommy Arnold’s covers for both Gideon and Harrow the Ninth. If you take a look at his website you’ll see that he’s got a knack for capturing strong (fully dressed!) women.


Orange and Black


I have a penchant for typography – a big one – so this cover by Dale Halvorsen, aka Joey HiFi is right up my street. Then again, just about everything that Halvorsen does floats my boat.

You can find him on both Instagram and Twitter.


Something Creepy

35123992. sy475

I don’t actually think birds are creepy. I just want to share this cover with you because otherwise you might not come across Erica Williams’ delicious, decadent style and that would be heart-breaking. She has also done the cover for Bowling’s latest book In the Shadow of Heroes (depending on how you feel about goats, this might be creepier …?) and you can see lots more of her work on her website. *Swoon*.

41710202. sy475


Oh my goodness! I’ve just gone on and on! It’s your turn!

Do you have any favourite artists or book covers? Share your favourite eye-food with me (and the interweb)!



  1. I love this tag! I’m trying to think how I can squeeze it in this week on my blog😁 Also, thank you for letting us know that Chris Panatier was the cover artist for The Devourers!! I loved both that and The Phlebotomist so you made my day😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! 😁
      When The Phlebotomist started appearing on the Internet I was all like “Panatier … Panatier? … I know that name from somewhere… ” (I’m so slow!) 🤣🤣🤣


  2. Wow, your selection is amazing and I discovered that Will Staehle designed a lot of my favorite covers (Magic for Liars and A Darker Shade of Magic are stunning!)
    My personal favorites from your selection are The Phlebotomist, The Order of the Full Moon Reflected on Water (I would like a giant print of that one 😍), Gideon the Night and Witchborn.

    And also: bats are freakin’ adorable, they look like tiny tiny mouse with wings, so cute!

    “If you take a look at his website you’ll see that he’s got a knack for capturing strong (fully dressed!) women.” Thank you sir, we love fully dressed badass women!

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    • 🤣
      Oh my goodness, I would cover our walls with Sija Hong and Erica Williams’ art if I could!
      And yay for bats! We had some visiting our little cul-de-sac this summer in the evenings and I spent ALOT of time just watching them flit round the houses – so beautiful!

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  3. Will Staehle is one of my favorite graphic designers. I love his work. And I love that Witch Born cover too. I think it’s probably the first I’m hearing of that book.

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  4. Great picks. Chris Russell’s illustrations and Neil Gaiman’s writing are a match made in heaven! I also love Lucy Rose’s work. Her cover art for The Familiars has lots of lovely details that you only realise the meaning of when you’ve finished the book and I love covers like that!

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  5. So many great covers! I love that cover of Akata Witch and I’m still kind of sad that we didn’t get a cover like that for the second one. I mean I understand why they changed it but this is just such a beauty.

    Also I really love Chris Riddells and Sjia Hong’s work!

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