All Systems Read: I have plans!

All Systems Read - A SciFi Month mini event - 2 to 5 Apirl 2021

Next week, over the bank holiday weekend (2nd to 5th April), I’ll be taking part in the All Systems Read mini event, a readathon of all things sci-fi about which you can find out more from imyril over at There’s Always Room For One More.

And I am absolutely in the mood for some science fiction at the moment, although I’m still leaning towards the light and comforting (which is making for less interesting posts, but a happier healthy me at present, so #sorrynotsorry).

Here’s what I’m planning to read and post about:


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John Scalzi’s Interdependency trilogy has been recommended to me by one of my closest, dearest friends and her enthusiasm for these books suggests I will be well entertained. (Full disclosure: I’ve already started and I am entertained – it’s very hard not to stop every couple of pages so I can share the batsh*t action and dialogue with Thumbs, who is trying equally hard to concentrate on his second playthrough of Death Stranding and is really not feeling the comedy vibe right now). Guess who gets to hear about it instead?

(It’s you. In case you weren’t sure).



And I’m hoping to get time to read and tweet about some of the short stories in the Nisi-Shawl-edited collection New Suns. I plan to write up a post of some description about this collection later, but I quite like the idea of tweeting as I read, and I feel like my Twitter game is still pretty weak. We’ll see how that goes, I guess.

(A confession: I’m embarrassed about how long I’ve had this book on my shelf. Thumbs bought it me for my birthday (completely unprompted too – pretty impressive, huh?) nearly two years ago and it was the Next Thing I was going to read *ahem*.)


I have also ordered the Murderbot Diaries box set, which won’t be arriving in time for me to do anything with it for All Systems Read, but which I just wanted to share because, finally, finally, FINALLY, I will have joined you all on the Murderbot side of the galaxy. I’m far too happy in my own company to have been lonely over here, but I do hate to miss out on the good stuff.


Last, but not least, on Monday I’m going to throw out my first (!!?) tag of 2021 – the Get To Know the Sci-Fi Reader Tag. Maryam, the Curious SFF Reader drew my attention to this one when she did it back in November for SciFi Month. I wasn’t quick enough to jump on the tag train then, and I’ve been sitting on it since early December. It’s a relief not to have to wait until next November rolls round!


All in all, it’s going to be a kickass weekend. Will you be joining in? And if so, what’re your plans?


  1. I discovered Scalzi last year with this series and I fell in love! So I am glad you are enjoying it!! And welcome to Murderbot world!! I have to confess that I didn’t love the first book, I think all the hype spoiled it a bit for me, but then I fell in love with this series!! And I hope you would join in the love!!!

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    • Thank you! I was able to borrow the first Murderbot from a friend and enjoyed it a lot, but then didn’t follow up. (Lazy!)
      As for Scalzi – he keeps making me laugh out loud with how fast he’s zipping through the story. So much fun! 😃

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  2. I’m looking forward to reading all your posts for All Systems Read. Alas, I won’t be taking part as I’ve got too many reading commitments at the mo (all my own doing really), so I’ll be taking part vicariously through everyone else’s posts. I’m especially excited to read along with your Murderbot journey, cos I’m also someone who is yet to read any of them! I might possibly start them some time after June, when all my reading commitments will be done and dusted. Hope you’re well Mayri 🙂

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    • I’m good thank you, Jonbob. Hope you’re doing ok? 😊
      I’ve only read the first Murderbot book ( and I failed to post about it when I did) and I’m really looking forward to digging into these books properly. I hope you love them when you get to them.

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  3. I forgot this event was coming up. I wish we had a bank holiday here (whatever that is I want one!). We don’t get any official time off for Easter in the US but I’ve got plenty of SF planned for April so I should be able to plan something that weekend😁

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  4. Nice! That weekend coincides with the spring mini-break that the schools get around here, so I don’t know if I’ll get much time to read with my kids around, but I’ll try! In keeping with the spirit of the event, I might try to knock out Fugitive Telemetry – it’s only apt!

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  5. If you’re looking for “light and comforting” in SF you will not do wrong with John Scalzi: as you already learned, he’s the master of the humorous touch in the genre. And if you enjoy the Interdependency, I can recommend his Old Man’s War series and the oh-so-funny standalone Red Shirts.
    And last but not least…. welcome to the Murderbot Admiration Club! 😀 😀

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    • Oh I love Redshirts! It was the first book of his I ever read and I big Trekking, so it was right up my street. 😃
      And thank you, both for the recommendations and the welcome into the M.A.C. I am honoured! 😊😘

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  6. Oh, what a nice Murderbot set! 😀
    Coincidentally enough (or not ;)) I’m going to read Network Effect and Fugitive Telemetry in April (I’ve been approved for the latter in NG and it’s publishing date in 27-Apr)

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  7. Yes! Hop on the Murderbot train! 😀
    Unfortunately, I think I’m gonna be pretty busy this weekend, but I still want to participate, so I’m hoping to make it through two of the Murderbot novellas. I might even tweet something… maybe. 🙂

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  8. Wait, there have been no tags in 2021? My word, time flies. Glad to give you an excuse!

    I’ve been meaning to go back to the Interdependency at some point – the first one hit completely the wrong note for me when I read it, so ended up a subjectively grumpy 3 star read but I’ve always suspected that I’d thoroughly enjoy it if I picked it up on a day where I was looking for some light relief. I do recall adoring the very sweary scion; I don’t recall any specific reasons I got grumpy (which really does make me think it wasn’t the book, it was me 😉

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    • Oh I hear you. If I’d picked this up at the wrong time I’d have been pissed off. 😆
      In fact, this same thing happened to me with Memory of Empire – I just wasn’t quite in the right headspace for it at the time I first read it. That’s due a reread …


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