A Few Favourites #1

It’s been on my mind for a while to do a sort of things-I’ve-enjoyed-in-the-blogging-world-recently post as a semi-regular thing. The idea (which I know is nothing new) was triggered by the Follow Friday hashtag on Twitter. I love the feeling behind #FF, but also find it frustrating. Twitter often seems to be about numbers rather than content and while I’ve learnt to play the game a little, I still prefer smaller, personal interactions over retweeting and following as part of some sort of counting game.

As I struggle with Twitter’s lightning quick topic changes and bitty nature (I always want to tidy it up) this post is a way for me to slow things down a little. I plan to share a few favourite posts by other bloggers, random stuff I’ve found interesting, articles, stories and artists I’m currently obsessing over. Never too many and not too often (maybe monthly … we’ll see).

And I couldn’t think of anything witty or standout to call this potential string of posts, so ‘A Few Favourites’ is a place-marker for now.

Moving on …


3 Favourite Bloggers

For a little while now I’ve been following two blogs – The Corner of Laura and Bibliostatic – that use really stylish devices in their reviews that I want to point at and squee about.

Laura, of The Corner of Laura, begins each of her review posts with “In One Word, [title] by [author] is …” summing the book up in a word, followed by a brief sentence that acts as a hook. I’ve linked to this page of her blog so that you can appreciate the full effect of this. It’s good, right?

That Laura’s reviews are then clear, concise and organised is just the icing on the cake. Here are two of my most recent favourites:

In One Word, Sabriel by Garth Nix is…

In One Word, The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is…


Jodi, of Bibliostatic, also has a cool introductory device that starts “r/suggestmeabook:” which I love, but what I really want to draw your attention to are the mood-boards she creates for the books she reviews. They are used as post headers/featured images and Jodi posts them on her Instagram too, where I think you can more immediately appreciate them if you want to get a quick feel for what I’m squeeing about.

I’ve mentioned before that I am left with a kind of explosion of imagery and sensory details after I’ve read a book, so this really appeals to me. It’s like Jodi has distilled the impressions a book has left her with and I don’t know of another blogger who does this. Here are two of my recent favourites, both for books currently on my TBR:

Survival, banditry, and a little magic (The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water by Zen Cho)

Exiled between worlds (The Unbroken by C L Clark)


And the final blogger I want to point at and squee about today is Justin over at FanFiAddict. His Neurodivergence in Fiction series of posts has been awesome so far and have featured authors C M Caplan and Ada Hoffman. I’m not really comfortable explaining what these posts have meant to me personally, I don’t have the words, but I do highly recommend them to you. Here are the links:

The Myth of Accurate Representation by C M Caplan

Autism, Writing and Craft, Part 1 and Autism, Writing and Craft, Part 2 both by Ada Hoffman, with Part 3 due to be posted next week.


A New Favourite Artist

Galen Dara is a Hugo Award finalist this year in the Best Professional Artist category. Back in 2013 she won the Hugo for Best Fan Artist. She’s my new obsession and her work is awesome, often vibrantly colourful, always striking. Those of you who read Lightspeed Magazine or Uncanny Magazine will recognise her style, I think.

Book cover art for The Sisters Grimm by Menna van Praag, Sabella by Tanith Lee and Hounded by Kevin Hearn

There’s an interesting article about her work here at Tor.com, and a cool interview here at Nightmare Magazine.

Dara’s website has loads more of her gorgeous work to drool over, and she sells prints.

I only just thought to look her up on Instagram, where you can see some of her sketchbook work along with behind the scenes type stuff.


A New Favourite Thing to Make You Smile

And finally, have you seen Festo’s Fantastical Flying Robots? Squee!



Happy weekend everyone!




  1. You’re life would be better without twitter 😉
    no, seriously though, it would.

    Glad you can turn a twitter idea into a good blog idea. It’s always fun to see who other bloggers follow and why. I really like the “why” part even if I have zero interest in following that person.

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    • I like to know the “why” too. In fact, just veing told to follow someone (or to read something) without a why just makes me dig my heels in. 😁

      And you’re right, my life would be better without twitter.

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  2. Thanks for sharing those blogs to follow. I’m really digging Laura’s “In One Word” posts. Kinda neat reading through them on the page you shared.

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