Update 19-09-2021

Books stacked together to create a wall, in rainbow colours

I’ve whinged enough recently that most of you will know about my current bloggy block, so this is just a quick update on where I’m at with that. As much for my benefit as for yours.


  • I have bowed out of writing for FanFiAddict for the time being. Whether this is a temporary or permanent self-removal, only time will tell. The FanFiAddict team are the loveliest group of people and are doing some truly exciting things. Unfortunately, I was never able to give them anything like my best. I managed six posts for them in six months and constantly worried over my inability to read more and fast enough to post for two blogs. I wanted to stretch myself, but it turns out I’m not terribly stretchy at all.


  • I am dialing back on ARC requests. I admire each and every blogger who is able to keep up with reading and posting about the stacks and stacks of ARCs they receive. That was very much my image of bloggy success for a while. However, my second lesson about myself has been that I don’t roll that way. ARCs are exciting, yes, but they’re also a commitment. I’d rather receive a few ARCs that I’m truly excited about than a whole pile that make me feel like I’m at work, even when I’m at home.


  • Lesson about myself number three has been this: I like some structure, but not too much. For example, Spooktastic Reads is just around the corner and I have prepared a stack of possible reads, but I won’t read all of them and I’ll be led by my mood at the time of reading. I don’t want to lose the feeling of anticipation by having my reading plan locked down so tight that I know when my toilet breaks will be for the next two months.


  • The things that give me the most joy in this bloggy endeavour are: the friends I’ve made and the carefully curated list of blogs that I follow; book bingos; buddy-reading and read-alongs; events like Wyrd and Wonder, Spooktastic Reads and SciFi Month, which scratch my planning itch without being too full on; book tags (I see that eye roll you just made); making up my own bizarre reading projects (like the one I’m going to be sharing with you soon); and reading old and new, borrowed and bought, as my foraging nature dictates, (I have a kind of horror of posting about the same book as someone else I follow and that’s another reason why ARCs make me a smidge uncomfortable, I think).


So, I’m going back to reading as I please. Having quickly run out of pre-prepared posts earlier in the year, it may take me a while to get back up to speed (my speed being one post a week, which I’m sure many of you will be horrified to hear I’ve been struggling with when you post three times as much without difficulty, but different folks different strokes, as they say), and in the meantime you can expect tags aplenty.


Happy weekend everyone.



  1. Three cheers for keeping your hobby fun 🙌 In all seriousness though I think this is fantastic. It’s one of my biggest gripes and just makes me sad when I see people turning their love of reading into a second, unpaid job. Very happy for you that you’re keeping things fun 🙂

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    • Thank you JobBob! 🙌
      It is ever so sad to see people getting weighed down by blogging like that, I agree. I must be lacking that serious gene I think … 😆


  2. Lots to unpack here!

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but I had either completely forgotten you’d joined FanFiAddict or I’d somehow skipped that bit of info. Either way, my hats off to you. I’ve never even considered co-writing, as A) my own blog eats up all my time B) I don’t respond well to others telling me what and how to read/write C) reading the latest stuff that literally 1000’s of other people are consuming would drive me insane.

    I am glad to hear you realize the dangers of arcs. Besides becoming one of the herd, it also trains the mind to think of NG as the giver of gifts instead of you as the giver of reviews and ratings. Not that I’m unbiased 😀

    Anything that makes blogging not fun, as other commentors have noted, has got to go. The structure that drives you nutty is what I thrive on. It’s what makes me able to put out 5-6 posts a week. Identifying what helps and hinders you personally is a huge key to longevity. I totally agree with Boaz’s comment in this regards.

    Friends make a world of difference. I’ve recently had some of those I followed quit or kind of go silent so I’m looking for some people. It is really tough! So I guess the point of this final paragraph is to really encourage you to do whatever is necessary to not quit. Because it will involve a lot of work on my part to replace you! 😉

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    • 🤣 Nearly fell off my stool laughing at that last comment!! 🤣 I’d hate to create work for you, so I’ll try not to quit!
      Seriously though, I feel a lot lighter and more excited from having decided these ‘rules’ for myself.
      I don’t have anything to do with NG ( I hate hearing talk about this 80% rating so many seem to be striving for), and only really get ARCs from Rebellion Publishing if I ask for them. So it’s not particularly difficult for me to drop that side of things.
      I’m annoyed that it’s taken me this long to work out that it’s the people I talk to and reading what I want when I want that make this hobby so much fun. Never was the smartest cookie! 🤣

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      • Glad you found it amusing and not offensive. Sometimes my humor doesn’t work out so well written as it does in my head 😀

        I didn’t realize you were getting arcs from elsewhere. Glad to hear that NG doesn’t have a monoply on that.

        I wouldn’t worry about how long it takes. Once you discover other things you can get annoyed at that too 😀

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  3. To borrow a clichéd phrase, I’m glad you’ve found what it is that sparks joy about books, reading and conversation, that’s so important and especially at a time when we all have more than our fair share of stress. We’ll done you for deciding what really floats your boat!

    On a related matter I’ve scheduled my response to your Good to Meetcha tag for Wednesday—hope you’ll like my answers! 🙂

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  4. One post per week is, in my opinion, a well-balanced way of keeping up with things without taxing oneself: I mostly keep to this kind of pacing myself, with one review per week and one “fun” post (be it a tag or a Top Ten Tuesday, which don’t require much effort) to keep the blog “moving” without heaping too much pressure on myself. After all, blogging should be more about the joy of reading and sharing, not about *work*! 😉

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  5. I love this post, it’s very insightful, and I’m glad you’ve found a way that works for you and keeps you blogging – I’d hate to lose your blog: even if you post once a month it’s always a pleasure, and what would my poor TBR do without your recommendations? 😉
    Yes, it’s people and common interests that matter, and blogs should be fun! That’s why I do love your tags and various miscellaneous posts even if I don’t comment every time 😉
    Good luck, Mayri!

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