Fun for Monday: Trick or Treat Round the Block Tag

I’m squeezing this in today (Sunday) to wrap up my Spooktastic Reads participation, and because tomorrow will be too late … so technically this is ‘Fun for Sunday’. Just roll with it, ok?

This tag was created by The Bookish Porcupine and I found it over at the fabulous Corner of Laura.

Like Laura, I didn’t go trick or treating as a child because it wasn’t a thing where and when we grew up. I think my brother and I snuck out one Halloween, out of curiosity (and mild rebellion), but there can’t have been anything doing because all I really remember is being cold. Halloween always looks like it’s more fun in the States anyway (for a start, it never looks as dark and cold in the movies as it is here in the UK at that time of year …), but honestly, who’d want to go out when they could sit by the fire with a spooky book? (Don’t answer that – I don’t need to know how much of a dud I really am, thanks).

Anyway, you’re not here to listen to my curmudgeonly ramblings. Let’s do this thing!

Spooktastic Reads 2021 19th to 31st October
Artwork by Olga Yastremska from; banner courtesy of imyril of


Creepy house on the corner of the street: A book with a creepy cover

Children are frigging creepy. Every time. (This is one from Thumb’s collection, which I absolutely will not be reading).

1734102. sy475


Lights out (party poopers): A book you read when you want to escape

I find Connie Willis good for escapism and distraction from the real world. Particularly, To Say Nothing of the Dog, which is definitely a lot lighter than, say, Doomsday Book. I always enjoy her tone and the pace at which her stories tick along.



The house that gives out the cheap candy: A guilty pleasure book

Right now, every book I manage to sit down with feels like a guilty pleasure, (where did all my reading time go?!).

I guess when I’m reading manga is when I feel most like I’m getting away with something: I’m an adult, doing adulty things, but I still get to read picture books? Awesome!! And of the manga series I’m reading, the most indulgent has to be Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura, which is utterly batsh*t in the best way (a group of otaku girls getting bullied into creating high fashion to save the old building in which they live … anyone?).

25893817. sy475


The house with the best decorations on the block: Best haunting/Halloween themed cover

I love Jeffrey Alan Love’s work, which you can see more of here. Also, he’s a finalist for the World Fantasy Award for Best Artist this year, which is very exciting, (winners to be announced in November, *keeps fingers crossed*).

I haven’t read The Monster of Elendhaven, but I do lovelovelove this cover:

43263515. sy475


The house that gives out the best candy: #1 Halloween recommendation

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters still gives me shivers when I think about it, and it was years ago now that I read it. I reckon that’s a recommendation in itself.





Corn Maze or Haunted House?

Outdoors or indoors? Indoors. Because even if I can’t get out, at least the scary is contained.

The Addams Family's house from the tv show


Classic or Unique Costume?

I’m not very good at being ‘unique’, so I’ll go classic-with-a-twist. I’ve no desire to dress up in some slinky number and stick horns or cats ears on my head *shudder*, but I could definitely channel my inner crone. Something a little like Aughra from The Dark Crystal, I think. Wouldn’t even need that much make-up.

Aughra from The Dark Crystal


Sexy or Scary Costume?

Scary. There’s just so much more scope, (see previous comment).

I particularly love this Other Mother costume by Manuel D’Andrea:

Manuel D'Andrea made-up as the Other Mother from Coraline by Neil Gaiman


Comedy or Horror Halloween Film?

I’m always going to go for comedy rather than scary. Watching real horror films is on a scale from deeply unpleasant to excruciating depending on how under my skin it gets.

Movie poster for Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein


Chocolate or Sour Candy?

Argh! Don’t make me choose!!

OK, chocolate, because I can still suck on a lemon when I want something sour.

A bar of Tony's Chocolonely, Almond and Sea-Salt flavour
The greatest chocolate known to … me. Nommy.



So that’s me. Now you! Consider yourself tagged if you want to have a go.




  1. I’m with you on the Scary/Funny side of things. I actually just saw Young Frankenstein for the first time a couple of weeks ago on prime. While it was amusing, it won’t become a re-watch like Space Balls or Blazing Saddles!

    And Tony’s is the BEST! I like the caramel and sea salt myself.

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    • Ah, you have excellent taste in movies, sir! 😁 That’s a couple of our favourites right there.
      AND a Tony’s fan too! I haven’t seen the caramel and sea-salt one over here, but will have to keep my eyes peeled. Nommy.

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  2. Fun tag! Last year Halloween was sort of canceled due to Covid, so this year people will be out trick or treating in droves. Not that Covid’s over but people are crazy, lol. My husband and I are keeping the lights off because we don’t want to deal with it! Ha ha.

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    • It’s so odd you saying that: yesterday we were saying just how manic everyone seems for Halloween this year, houses decorated, costumes everywhere… it never occurred to me that it might be a reaction to last year. Makes complete sense!
      And Thumbs and I are with you both, hiding in the house with the lights off!! 🤣


    • If you’ve not tried Connie Willis before you’re in for a treat. Especially if you start with To Say Nothing of the Dog (rather than Doomsday Book, which is BLEAK!) 😀

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