Book Haul!

Well, I nearly made it through another two months before acquiring yet more books – credit where credit’s due, right? – and while I’ve gained fifty-nine books (read on to see how the heck this happened!), I’ve only purchased four of those, so a pat on the head and a biscuit for me, I think.

Before I launch into the show-and-tell, I’m not planning to post anything for most of June. IRL, we are finally getting our new kitchen (I will have an oven again! I’ll be able to make scones! You have no idea how excited I am right now!) and I’m taking time off to help the fitter (who’s the coolest person – he’s into scifi and movie soundtracks and always tells me about the best tv shows that I’m not watching); the house is already a pit of despair with boxes everywhere, and, quite frankly, I can’t keep my brain under control while stuff like this is going on. So I’m going to do a lot of deep breathing, hopefully catch up on my buddy-read with Lynn, and not worry about the blog until everything is straight in the house again. Just FYI.

Now, books! …


New and Shiny

I’ve not been chasing after any ARCs recently as I’m still trying to work out the balance between the new job and my free time and don’t want to feel pressured. (I have to admit to being surprised by how long it’s taking me to adjust to my new job. I’m loving it, but I had forgotten just how badly I deal with change, and this is so many new things all at once – new knowledge, new role, new hours, new people – that I’m still finding it all pretty exhausting).

However, I did make a request for an ARC of Rachel S Cordasco’s Out of This World: Speculative Fiction in Translation from the Cold War to the New Millenium after the awesome Andrea of the Retro Rockets Podcast drew my attention to it on Twitter. And while I’m reading it slowly, I’m loving it so far. Thoughts to come, most definitely.

And then of course I bought myself an official copy of Saint Death’s Daughter by C S E Cooney. Je ne regrette rien.


I bought the first volume of the graphic novel Isola by Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl on the strength of seeing it mentioned on Instagram, without even bothering to find out what it’s about. Luckily, it sounds fabulous – a cursed queen, a devoted captain of the guard, a journey into the underworld … yep, yep, yep! Mischief Acts by Zoe Gilbert (the author of my much beloved Folk), also sounds fab – it’s about Herne the Hunter – and was only on my radar thanks to Bethan from The Fantasy Hive, when she featured a photo of her ARC on Instagram during Wyrd and Wonder (thank yoooooouuuu Bethan!).


Finally, I bought Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro in a fit of temper when I found that the library hadn’t yet bought a copy, and I received a copy of Luckenbooth by Jenni Fagan from a friend. I’m interested to see what Ishiguro does with Klara, and I know nothing about Fagan’s book, but the blurb sounds intriguingly gothic and angry, and I’ve also got Fagan’s Hex written down on my TBR list, so she’s caught my attention previously (even if I don’t remember when).


Library Books

Two separate library friends sent me a message when they saw Storyland: A New Mythology of Britain arrive in stock last week (you know your friends by how good they are at picking books for you!) and I’m keen to read this. However, I when I issued it to my ticket I noticed that there’s another reservation on it, so I’m going to return it tomorrow and take it out again later, I think. Don’t feel like rushing it.

A couple of reviews, especially this awesome one by Mogsy, have made Elodie Harper’s The Wolf Den sound more interesting than I originally expected it to be, so I yoinked that off a library display last week, along with Catriona Ward’s Little Eve, which I picked up because I saw Shirley Jackson’s name mentioned on the cover blurb. And River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay was a request. It’s the only Kay title in stock at the library and I have a copy of Tigana at home so I don’t know what I’m doing adding to the library book stack when I could start there – just greedy for reading, I guess.


Finally, I requested The Furies by Katie Lowe after reading a review that I can’t now find and deciding it’s much more my kind of thing than I thought it would be. I commented on the post, and the blogger replied, and I can’t find the comment either. If it was you, please let me know below because I’m clearly failing to note these things down like I usually would. Grrr.

And I’m reading How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb in the hope of learning a better way to manage a few things at work. This may seem like a boring addition to the book stack, but this is actually a really absorbing read and not just because it’s useful. Webb talks a lot about recent research in psychology and neuroscience to support her suggestions and one of my long-dormant special interests was the human brain so I’m getting to wallow in an old love.


Additions to The Motherload

You all remember ‘Bob’ of The Motherload? Well, to top the merry month of May off, he gave me another box of (53!) books over the Bank Holiday; all books he’s now reread or decided he’s not planning to read again. I haven’t added any of the new titles to my Motherload catalogue yet, (and I really don’t want to change my Digging for Gold banner from “693 books” to “746 books” because I like the number 693 better than 746, so I’m just not going to), but these ones are the ones I’m most excited about and have unpacked to read: Soldier of the Mist by Gene Wolfe because I owned this book as a teenager and could never get through it, although I tried several times; two of E E ‘Doc’ Smith’s Lensman series, because Bob’s reworking his way through these books at the moment and I’m intrigued by what he’s said about them; The Space Machine by Christopher Priest, because Christopher Priest; H G Wells’ The War of the Worlds and The First Men in the Moon, the first because Thumbs wants to read it (he’s a huge fan of Jeff Wayne’s version), the second for me; and last but not least, Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home by James Tiptree Jr, because finally I can read some of Tiptree’s stories! I’m so excited to finally have one of her books in my sticky mits.


Have you read any of these titles/authors? What would you start with?



  1. Yeah, be careful with the Lensmen series. I read a bunch of them and had to give up. I think they’re for a younger group and I was in my late 20’s at the time. Not necessarily bad, but very limited.

    and 50+ new books? Are you crazy!!!!???? Yeah, guess you are 😉

    thanks for the heads up about taking June off. I hope it works out well for you and congrats on getting a new kitchen 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How many interesting books! I haven’t read any of them, but I have some on my radar, I hope you would love all of them!
    And I am with you about new things… They can be so stressful!! And yay for the oven! I would go crazy without it, honestly!!! So good luck with the new kitchen!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for reminding me of Isola. It’s been on my shelves for a long time now unread. I bought it for similar reasons. Saw the cover and thought it was too pretty to pass up.

    Liked by 1 person

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