Fun for Monday: The Last Book I… Tag


I saw this over at the delightful Janette of Wicked Witch’s Blog back in May and Janette, in turn, found it on Becky’s Book Blog, where Becky adapted it from an original Instagram tag.

I actually started writing up this tag in June, and have only just got back to it now, so rather than delete all my previous answers, I’m just adding my more recent answers into the mix. That way, both past me and present me can pester all you lovely folks with our bookish chatter. (Also, I can refer to myselves as ‘we’ which amuses me … I mean us … greatly).


The last book I… bought

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June me: Predictably, this was The Wandering Fire by Guy Gavriel Kay. We’re start the Wyrd & Wonder continuation read-along in July, and while I’d inherited The Summer Tree and The Darkest Road from ‘Bob’, The Wandering Fire wasn’t in his collection.

I’ve had to ask Thumbs to hide it from me, however, because I was really tempted to start reading it straight away … which kind of goes against the spirit of a read-along, no?

August me: We recently had our birthday, for which we received a generous Waterstones voucher that we have used to acquire copies of the following: Ada Palmer’s Seven Surrenders, Rosemary Sutcliff’s King Arthur trilogy and Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron. There has been a lot of new-book-sniffing this week!


The last book I… borrowed

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June me: The Furies by Katie Lowe because of an awesome review that I still can’t find to credit. Less willingly, I’ve also picked up a copy of The Van Apfel Girls are Gone by Felicity McLean because this is our reading group’s next book, but I voted for Piranesi by Susanna Clarke, so I’m disgruntled.

August me: Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M Danforth because it’s cover is just so pretty! (We also feel we should update you on our feelings about The Van Apfel Girls: predictable and a waste of valuable reading time. Double disgruntled now for having had to read it).


The last book I… was gifted

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June me: Thumbs bought me a copy of Aliette de Bodard’s The House of Sundering Flames last week. Just because. Which is the best reason I can think of to buy or gift something.

August me: And for our aforementioned anniversary of arrival upon the planet, my brother bought me the second volume of Isola by Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl, which is our new favourite graphic novel series.


The last book I… gave to someone else

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June me: I got Scalzi’s The Kaiju Preservation Society for my sibling, on the cheeky condition that I get to borrow it when they’ve read it!

August me: I just bought a friend of mine a copy of The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge, which I’m going to give her next week when we have a day out together. She’s in need of the comfort that only a bookish hug can provide.

(I love the juxtaposition of those two book covers, incidentally. Ha!)


The last book I… started

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June me: The Library of the Unwritten by A J Hackwith has been on my library stack for quite some time *ahem* and it was imyril’s review that finally spurred me into reading it. That and the fact that I’m going to get in trouble if I don’t return it soon.

After feeling a bit slumpy, this was the perfect book to catch my interest.

August me: We have just started To Be Taught if Fortunate by Becky Chambers because we’re trying to catch up on our Adult SFF Backlist Books Challenge reading. We chose To Be Taught for July’s theme of ‘To Sky’.


The last book I… finished 

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June me: I finished Tales from the Inner City yesterday morning (16th June). It was as weird and wonderful as I’d expect something from Shaun Tan to be, and unexpectedly touching. Some of the artwork is just stunning too. A post about this is in the offing.

August me: We’ve just finished The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa and volume four of Vaughan and Staples’ Saga.


The last book I… rated 5 stars

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June me: This is when my Bookshelf app comes into its own. I can tell you the last book I really enjoyed, was really moved by, read in one sitting, but when it comes to how many stars I gave it I’m stumped. Stars continue to feel a bit arbitrary and mood-based to me (I frequently readjust my star ratings for books as their after-effects linger/fade.

The Black God’s Drums by P Djeli Clark has left an incredibly rich flavour and colour trail behind and this was definitely one of the best books I’ve read so far this year.

August me: Volume one of Isola by Fletcher and Kerschl got five stars for being so gosh-darned pretty and for leaving us in a state of nervous excitement for more.


The last book I… rated 2 stars

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June me: Meh. That’s all I can say about The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. (Another reading group book).

August me: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie. Admittedly, I was only half-listening to this on audiobook at work so it’s not the fairest star rating I’ve ever given.


The last book I… DNF’d


June me: It’s always the reading group books that let me down! I love the group I’m in (a hangover from my library floor duties), but I don’t like all the stuff we read. Although that makes for some interesting conversations. The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman didn’t grab me at all, but for those with more emotional range in our group it was a fairly successful read.

August me: Nothing to add to the DNF list since June – thank goodness!


The last book I… listened to

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June me: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie – whilst prepping the kitchen walls.

August me: And we’ve been on a Christie kick ever since. Most recently finished: The Moving Finger.



So, what would your answers be to these prompts? Share your thoughts with us!




  1. I love the way book tags gradually spread themselves around😀 I enjoyed reading your double answers to this one. I’ve got the sequel to The miniaturist to read next 😳

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    • It’s lovely isn’t it? How tags kind of create webs of connection between blogs? I love it!

      Oooo, look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Miniaturist follow-up!! 😬

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  2. I have so many thought! I love that you kept both answers, it really shows how much changes to quickly!

    Firstly, how are you finding the Terra Ingot series? Because I’ve wanted to pick it up a few times but have seen a few bad reviews amidst the good ones, and I’m now uncertain! You, however, are a reader of fine taste, so I shall trust your opinion!

    I have a copy of The Kaiju Preservation Society waiting to be read! If I haven’t got to it by the time your sibling lends it to you, maybe we can do another buddy read? 😅

    What did you think of To Be Taught if Fortunate? I really liked it, but I haven’t read any other Wayfarer books, so don’t know how it compares! And incidentally, I also really need to catch up on the Adult SFF Backlist Book Challenge. I haven’t done July or August yet!

    I am immediately adding The Black God’s Drums to by TBR! It sounds so good!

    And lastly (sorry for such a long comment!) where would you recommend starting with Agatha Christie? I have read odd ones here and there and keep wondering if I should try and read her detective-specific ones in any sort of order or not…

    Okay, off to do my own version of this!

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    • *cracks knuckles*
      The Terra Ignota series – yeaahh. I am fascinated by it, and repelled by certain things, but being the curious forager that I am, I won’t be content until my questions are answered, so I plan to keep reading. It has some incredible ideas … and some fascinating problems.
      It’s so hard to give you a solid answer to your question about this one! I think it’s very, VERY interesting. And weird. 😀

      Ooooo, I now have Kaiju here, waiting to be read. I would love to buddy read it with you! (I’m now doing so badly with the reading challenges that I’m like ‘sod it! reading what I want!’)

      The Black God’s Drums *happy sigh*. I’ve just been writing up my thoughts and … *another sigh* … it’s fab! And a very quick read. I wish there were more. ❤

      Hmm, where to start with Agatha Christie. I'm afraid I've just been listening to whatever the library app has available, so am definitely reading/listening out of order and a bit all over the place. I don't feel that it ruins the experience in any way – Poirot and Miss Marple (I'm not very keen on his other characters/detectives, so am sticking with these two), are so well-known from tv that I feel like they're kind of lodged in my subconscious (my Nana was a big Christie fan and I spent a lot of time with her growing up).
      Of the two detectives, I think it might be slightly more advantageous to read Poirot in order. With Miss Marple it doesn't seem to matter at all.
      I don't know if this helps at all! 😦

      I look forward to reading your version of this one! 😀


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