Reading Challenges Update #3

Wow. Just three months to go until 2022 is over and I’ve definitely not done as much reading as I was hoping to. I’m already promising myself that next year I’m not going to do any reading challenges (watch me break that vow in the time it takes to post this update!).

I’ve come to the conclusion that I love the idea of challenges, but I don’t actually like being under any kind of pressure to read a particular thing at a particular time. Then I cheat and wiggle round things so that I can carry on reading what I feel like reading.

That said, I’m not doing as badly all that…


The 12 Challenge

(Created by bookstagrammer Shadowbooker)


I finished The Conductors by Nicola Glover (recommended by the lovely Annemieke of A Dance with Books), I read Sistersong by Lucy Holland (recommended by the very cool Fabienne of Libri Draconis), and I’m currently buddy-reading This is Our Undoing by Lorraine Wilson with Ariana of the Book Nook (and have crossed it off in anticipation). That still leaves seven books to read in the remaining three months of 2022, and I suspect I’m not going to make it. Which is fine. The books aren’t going anywhere.


The TBR Reduction Challenge

(Created by Matt AKA Womble of Runalong the Shelves)

  • July – You came, you read, you conquered a book you know will be challenging: I’m counting Illuminae by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff as challenging because it was a challenge to actually start reading it. I just looked like it was going to be difficult to follow, with all the different documents that make up the story, but when I got going it was a breeze. And a heck of a ride too.
  • August – Holiday! A book that takes you to another place: Not just another place, but another time too – 1980s San Francisco – because, yep, I’m counting Tea with the Black Dragon by R A MacAvoy for August’s prompt even though I read it way back in April/May time. Do you see what I mean by wiggling?
  • September – Back to School Dark Academia, school setting etc: I keep meaning to read The Furies by Katie Lowe for this one, but I haven’t got round to it yet.


The Adult SFF Backlist Books Challenge

(Created by Bookish Valhalla)

  • July – To sky: To Be Taught If Fortunate by Becky Chambers (thoughts incoming for this year’s SciFi Month).
  • August – Sacrifice: The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa (from my library backlist, so a bit of a cheat, this one).
  • September – Fire: The Wandering Fire by Guy Gavriel Kay (Yeah, we read this in July. Just allow it, OK?).


Picture Prompt Book Bingo


  • For the galleon I decided on Illuminae by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. We wouldn’t have spaceships without sailing ships, after all.
  • For the creepy looking house, I’m counting The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton because Blackheath definitely had that bad-things-happened-here vibe.
  • And for the witch riding a broom I choose Sistersong by Lucy Holland. Riva, Keyne and Sinne aren’t stereotypical witches, but they are each of them powerful in interesting ways.


So that’s where I’m at. I’m more interested now in seeing what I don’t achieve by the end of the year. And I’m thinking of putting a request in for there to be more than twenty-four hours in a day.




  1. Overall, these challenges seem to be working well for you. I know you talk about wriggling and cheating, but considering you have over half for most of them, that seems like a success in my books.

    Is real life still chaotic or have things settled down a bit?

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    • I’ll accept this definition of success, for sure! 🤣

      Life is still a bit mad tbh. It will get better, but that’s just a but further away than I was hoping. Thank you for asking. ❤

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  2. Gosh, Mayri, that’s a lot of challenges to have on the go! You’re doing well on them, and I like your creativity in fitting books read to the challenges, rather than being dictated to. I have two challenges I take part in every year, Paula’s Dewithon and Cathy’s 20 (or 15 or 10) Books of Summer, and both of them are run on a ‘read what you can, change your mind if you like’ basis! Often I consider doing other challenges but then get put off by the admin. I did your Picture Prompt Bingo this year, because I loved your bingo card. It was fun to interpret what each picture might represent when choosing books I’d read, and crossing them off was satisfying!

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    • 🤣 I’m definitely not doing so many again next year! And I certainly think more relaxed is the way to go.
      I’m so happy you enjoyed my Picture Prompt Bingo (I’ve made a new one for 2023 because I enjoyed doing it so much). ❤

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  3. I think you’re doing great on them! I think I’ll try and do updates on my challenges (i.e. yours and maybe the backlist one) on my monthly update, whenever I do that.

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  4. I am in this post and I hang my head in recognition. I too like the idea of challenges – that vague sense of purpose and direction – far more than the reality of crossing things off the list. That said, having actively stopped thinking about them over the summer, it’s probably worth me checking in soonish. Your picture bingo was going well and is the most fun/liberal so I’d like to see where I’ve got to there, and I might have accidentally crossed off a couple of Womble or Bookish Valhalla prompts (I think reading them in other months is absolutely okay in both cases!)

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  5. I would also like more than 24 hours in a day haha. Just cut out all those sleeping hours.

    I’m also not very far into 12 challenge but oh well. Like you said, they aren’t going anywhere and at some point I’ll still read them. I hope.

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