Fun for Monday: Previously, on SciFi Month (5-Star Books in 5 Words)

The prompt for the second day of this year’s SciFi Month Challenge was “Previously, on SciFi Month” an opportunity to share some of our favourite discoveries from SciFi Months past. I didn’t get chance at the beginning of the month to do more than scribble down some ideas, so I’m here today (never too late, right imyril? Lisa?) to expand on that hurried note-to-self.

SciFi Month 2022 1 to 30 November - Ten Years of Exploring All Things SF
Artwork by Simon Fetscher

This year marks the tenth anniversary of SciFi Month and for me, my fifth year taking part – five years of making friends, making TBR lists, and finding awesome reading material. Here are the SF books that have blown me away over the last half-decade. Just to make things a little more interesting, I’ve summed each of them up in five words (5-star books in 5 words stylie) …


Julie E Czerneda’s Web Shifters Trilogy

(Beholder’s Eye, Changing Vision and Hidden in Sight)


Beholder’s Eye

Breaking rules and making friends; or, alien and human become buddies.



Changing Vision

High stakes, heart and humour; or, Esen and Paul’s continued adventures.



Hidden in Sight

People can be home too; or, communication failures can be fatal.



Alien Earth by Megan Lindholm


Don’t underestimate the sentient Beastship; or, read this for Raef’s room.



The Luna trilogy by Ian McDonald

(Luna: New Moon, Luna: Wolf Moon and Luna: Moon Rising)

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Luna: New Moon

Vicious and ambitious moon-dwellers!



Luna: Wolf Moon

Five families: business and battle.



Luna: Moon Rising

The moon: resource? Or home?



Golden Witchbreed by Mary Gentle

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Human envoy on post-tech world; or, back-stabby alien political shenanigans.



Implanted by Lauren C Teffeau


Scifi thriller under the dome



The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag


Addictive VR kills nearly everyone; or, American haunted by tech detritus.



Well, I had fun with that! What about you? Have you read any of these titles? Do any take your fancy?



  1. I’m totally doing this prompt too! I’ve had a weird month and my participation hasn’t been great this year. But thank you for putting this fun post on my radar😁

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