Announcing the Picture Prompt Bingo for 2023

It’s approaching the time of year when some of us will be looking for reading challenges for (the rapidly approaching!) 2023, and so, in an attempt at timeliness, may I humbly present any interested parties with the Picture Prompt Book Bingo for the new year. *makes jazz hands*

I enjoyed making my first Picture Prompt bingo card so much and was blown away that so many lovely people played along with me, that I really did have to take another stab at it.

bookforager's Picture Prompt Book Bingo for 2023 - text version available in post
Text version available below

If you’re new to this – it’s a loosey goosey reading challenge in which you match books that you’ve read to one of the pictures on the bingo card. The key thing being that you can be as creative in your interpretation of the picture as you like.

For example, if we’re looking at that rather magnificent lion door knocker on the far left of the second row (my personal favourite): it could suggest a book about doors opening or closing; maybe you read a story about a lion or look for a book with a door or door knocker on the cover; you could choose a book with ‘lion’ or ‘knocker’ or ‘door’ in the title. As long as you’re happy with the connection that you’ve made between the book and the image you’ve chosen, it’s all good.

Oh, I nearly forgot – I also made a button (it’s a bit naff, no judgement if you don’t want to use it!) for those that like such things – feel free to snag that along with the bingo card for your own blog.

I hope you might want to give this a go. I’d be over the moon if you did. And if you let me know that you’re going to play along in the comments, I’ll try to keep up with you over the year.

And whether you decide to play or not, I wish you happy reading adventures for 2023!


Picture Prompt Book Bingo 2023 (text version)

A single flintlock gun An idyllic looking castle with cows and trees in the foreground A printing press A gnarly old tree
A lion’s head door-knocker (looks friendly) A detailed drawing of the Moon showing its craters and crags A dancing skeleton (looks happy)


An airship designed by Henri Dupoy du Lôme in 1872
A deep-sea diver in one of those old diving suits with the big metal helmets


A unicorn caught mid-prance An old medical book diagram of the human brain A raven standing rather majestically on what looks like a bit of rock
A laurel wreath tied with a bow at the bottom of it’s arc A beetle (sorry, I don’t know what type it is) Some old books and papers strewn across a surface A sorcerer’s hand (with alchemical symbols over each finger and the palm)


  1. I was terrible with challenges this year, although I did read books that could still work for this year’s challenge. But next year for sure I’ll make this a priority, the bingo card is amazing!

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  2. I hope to participate in 2023 even though my blog is currently on hiatus (due to me having a baby, so that’s where all my time went). But I love the idea and the prompts so here’s to 2023! 📚🥰

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  3. Challenges I’ve promised myself I won’t do but prompts are, I think, very acceptable, so yes I shall give this a go! Great image choices, and a little reminiscent of Lyra’s alethiometer – which is nice… 😁

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  4. […] – mood reading is definitely going to be the way to go in 2023. Consequently, my picks are BookForager’s Picture Prompt Bingo, A Dance With Books 2023 SFF Title Challenge and Runalong Womble’s TBR Reduction […]

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  5. I think I’m just obsessed with your lovely bingo cards. But at the same time totally hopeless. But, I can do better. I’m going to look at last year’s card and choose a book from last year’s list – which I know isn’t the right way to play along but I want to show that really I did manage to complete it. This year I’m hoping to do a monthly update and then I can choose a book from that month’s reading that fits a prompt. Fingers crossed.
    Happy New Year.
    Lynn 😀

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