I’m Mayri and I’m a dedicated borrower of books.

I spent my childhood being babysat by libraries. I spent my teenage years hiding from my peers in libraries. I spent my university years studying (and sometimes sleeping) in libraries. And I’ve spent the last 16 years working in libraries.

I’m also a bit of a magpie and will pick books up from anywhere. As a child I used to love rooting through our parents’ bookshelves on the landing and through our Nana’s wardrobe of books (yes, she had a wardrobe rather than a bookcase because she was awesome) and through our small local library’s shelves. Found books often feel like they’ve been waiting just for you, and I love that feeling.

I don’t only read SFF, but it is my primary flavour. I’ll read pretty much anything and some of my all-time favourite books have nothing to do with dragons, phasers or aliens.



But maybe you’re still wondering if we’ll get along? Try these posts first:

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