2021 Progress Report

2021 took the previous year’s weirdness and ran with it, I felt. It was also one of the most unfortunate years (IRL) I’ve encountered as we and our friends and family suffered ridiculously long runs of bad luck and calamity. I don’t know one person who isn’t glad to see the back of that year. Which meant that reading was even more important than usual, an escape and a comfort that got me through the last twelve months. That, along with blogging and chatting with you all has been the consistent bright spot in the deceptively deep pit that was … Continue reading 2021 Progress Report

Buddy-reading Too Like the Lightning with imyril

Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer is perhaps the oddest, most frustrating novel I’ve read this year. Fortunately, there is something about buddy-reading that makes even the most difficult of books a lot more fun and this was definitely the case here. I was so grateful for imyril’s company as we explored Palmer’s 2454. (Thank you imyril! *big we-did-it high-five*). A more professional introduction and the first half of our conversation can be found over at imyril’s here and this is definitely where you should start. If you’re visiting me having read that first post, then hello and welcome! So, to … Continue reading Buddy-reading Too Like the Lightning with imyril

Fun for Monday: The Intergalactic Book Tag

I found this tag over at Zeezee’s and she found it at Rachel’s blog, Life of a Female Bibliophile. It was originally created to promote a book: Starflight by Melissa Landers, but I’m totally turning it to SciFiMonth use. Time for some sci-fi fun…   SPACE: Name a book that is out of this world There are so many other worlds to choose from, but I’m still smitten with Orthe from last year’s SciFiMonth read-along of Golden Witchbreed by Mary Gentle. Orthe had everything I want in an alien world: a strange new culture with a long dark history to explore, … Continue reading Fun for Monday: The Intergalactic Book Tag

SciFi Month Plans

  The calendar page has turned, the planets have aligned … SciFi Month is here! Hosted by our most excellent captains imyril of onemore.org and Lisa of Dear Geek Place this is the time of year to deep dive into all things science-fictional and maybe knock a few titles off the old TBR tower. I don’t normally do this kind of “here’s what’s coming” post, I know, but I’m trying to keep my brain busy today, so let’s talk anticipation!   What am I reading this month? I’m planning to read and post about the following: Fire of the Dark … Continue reading SciFi Month Plans

Fun for Monday: Mid-Year Check-in Tag

This tag was loads of fun to do last year, but I nearly forgot all about it this year, what with one thing and another. Thankfully, I’ve seen it doing the rounds, so while I’m a bit late, I’m here now. Hi! I’m kind of in a weird place at the moment. I’ve been taking it easy on the bloggy front and trying to sort out some work things and some personal things that have me feeling … a little blue. I’m hoping talking about books will get me out of my funk and maybe get me excited for some … Continue reading Fun for Monday: Mid-Year Check-in Tag

Fun for Monday: 3 Bookish Things

Right, let’s get this year’s tag count up, shall we? I found this tag over at Zeezee’s and she got it from Kristin Kraves Books. I’ve mentioned before that Zeezee is my go-to-gal for tags and she has an awesome Long List of Book Tags here that you can view either as a straight list, or organised by theme, which is just perfect. Thank you, Zeezee, for being so very, very fabulous! So without further ado, let’s talk about bookish things. In threes.   3 Read-Once-and-Loved Authors Octavia E Butler. Wow. Maryam the Curious SFF Reader and I recently did a … Continue reading Fun for Monday: 3 Bookish Things