My Wyrd & Wonder wind down … or, how I did with that bingo challenge in the end

  Wyrd and Wonder is always such a blast and this year has been no different – I’ve made some new friends, read swathes of awesome posts by awesome people (and I’m still catching up), and seen my TBR list double in size (yet again) – what more could a book blogger want? Maybe only a book bingo. Which one of our three most excellent hosts, imyril, provided, and which I possibly spent a disproportionate amount of time agonising over. Because, you know, lists and achievements are how I work. So I did some extracurricular reading – crammed into lunch … Continue reading My Wyrd & Wonder wind down … or, how I did with that bingo challenge in the end

Mordew by Alex Pheby

Let’s get this out of the way first: Dickens, Hardinge, Miéville, Peake, Pullman, Swanwick. At different times along the way Mordew made me think of each of these authors. This book, this story, this world, is dark and weird. It revels in language. It toys with tropes and with the reader’s expectations. It’s a glorious trip down the rabbit hole. It is also entirely itself. Nathan lives in the slums of Mordew with his mother and father. His mother prostitutes herself and his father is dying, his body infested with lungworms. Nathan tries to help, earning money where he can … Continue reading Mordew by Alex Pheby

2020 Progress Report

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 was a weird year, I know. In my own working world we closed our libraries in March not knowing when we were going to reopen. We were redeployed to the phones, calling the elderly and vulnerable first, then contact tracing later on. Right now I’m working shifts in a testing centre. Each lockdown and reopening has me more and more worried that this may be the slow death of libraries. Reading has, therefore, been a very welcome escape, as it has been for so many of us. And while nearly all of my … Continue reading 2020 Progress Report