Nightflyers by George R R Martin

Originally published back in 1980, Nightflyers is a novella-length story that was recently repackaged and turned up on the shelves at work. I wouldn’t have picked it up but for the fact that this new edition is illustrated by David Palumbo (the man responsible for those gorgeous painterly Binti novella covers *all the hearts*) and I really love his stuff. And, yeah, it’s a short, quick scifi read and my month is going to hell in a handcart so I’ve had to restack a couple of bigger tomes I intended to read. Ugh, life gets in the way sometimes, you … Continue reading Nightflyers by George R R Martin

Fun for Monday: 6 Degrees of SFnal Separation

Another Monday, another tag! (Tag? Meme? … Whatever). I first saw this one done in this deliciously SciFiMonth way by imyril of There’s Always Room for One More who took her cue from Kate of Books Are My Favourite and Best. Imyril made it look easy, but this took me most of the week to put together because, gosh darn it, I know that two books have themes in common, but all my brain can do for me is shout “both greeeeeeeen!” … which is, yeah, not useful. So while not as inspired as imyril’s list, for sure, here’s my … Continue reading Fun for Monday: 6 Degrees of SFnal Separation

Changing Vision by Julie E Czerneda

Changing Vision is book two in Czerneda’s Web Shifters trilogy. Book one was Beholder’s Eye, which I first read for SciFi Month last year – thoughts here if you’re interested – which I find a very pleasing; there’s a symmetry in that. Nothing I have to say here is going to overtly spoil the first story for you, but if you’re thinking of reading them my advice would be to read these books in order. A lot of what happens in Changing Vision is directly related to events and characters from Beholder’s Eye and you really don’t want to miss … Continue reading Changing Vision by Julie E Czerneda

Fun for Monday: 5-Star Books in 5 Words

Lisa over at Dear Geek Place did this fun feature post the other day and I want in! A tag originally created by Matthew Sciarappa (it’s a great video) and which Lisa found by way of Lauren over at Always Me. The rules are simple: pick five books you’ve rated as five-star reads, then sum them up in five words only. Fun!! As it’s SciFi Month I decided to go back in time and pick some of the first scifi books I ever read, when I was a highly impressionable teenager. I’ve used my five words to create imaginary news … Continue reading Fun for Monday: 5-Star Books in 5 Words

The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag

  A young girl and her little bobble-headed robot travel across a dystopian America, heading for the coast. Doesn’t sound too worrying, does it? Might even be adorable. Don’t be fooled. This is an infectiously spooky, creep-inducing story told in sparse prose and stunning digital paintings. The mounting unease I felt while reading this was unexpected, but, man, did I enjoy myself. In Stålenhag’s America, circa 1997, the country (perhaps the world? We never find out) has fought some sort of massive war using technology that has allowed humans to pilot giant warships and battle-robots remotely. The scars and detritus … Continue reading The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag

Implanted by Lauren C Teffeau

It seems appropriate for me to kick off this year’s participation in Scifi Month by reading the book I won during last year’s Scifi Month: Implanted by Lauren C Teffeau – the first thing I have ever won, and which I am still very excited about one year later (it’s even signed by the author – squeee). I have a soft spot for stories set in enclosed societies. I don’t know quite what it is that appeals to me about these worlds in miniature, but if the planet’s gone to hell in a handcart and survivors are living underground or … Continue reading Implanted by Lauren C Teffeau