Fun for Monday: Good to Meetcha *Original Tag*

I made a tag! In my continuing quest to retrieve my bloggy mojo, this seemed like a good idea. Time will tell, eh?   I hate the usual “what do you do?” and “where are you from?” questions that normally get fired out upon making a new acquaintance. The answers invariably fail to give me any sense of the person I’m talking to, and feel … judge-y. So this tag is about the things I actually want to know when I first meet a new person (specifically, the ones I want to be friends with). (I know I should insert … Continue reading Fun for Monday: Good to Meetcha *Original Tag*

Fun for Monday: Quick Fire Fantasy Books

Tammy did this tag just the other day and it was too tempting to ignore. It was originally created by Jo The Bookworm Dreamer whose responses, along with Tammy’s, only added to my already-quite-large-enough-thank-you TBR. (Reader problems, eh? *grins hugely*). Anyway, let’s see Wyrd and Wonder out with a wave and a smile, and some rapid-fire responses to Jo’s prompts …   5 Star Book:   What’s that? I’m getting repetitive? Well, I don’t read as fast as some of you and when I like something I do tend to go on and on and on … I don’t think … Continue reading Fun for Monday: Quick Fire Fantasy Books

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

Reading Tam Lin is like reading two parallel stories – one a straightforward tale of college life, the other a much stranger and more magical brew. It shouldn’t work, but it does and does it so beautifully that I fell completely in love with this book. The main reason Pamela Dean’s blend of college and magic works so well (and this is something that she captures brilliantly) is that the time spent at university is a time unto itself. Not only is it a transitional period for those who go, it is also cut off from everything before and after … Continue reading Tam Lin by Pamela Dean