Fun for Monday: The Get to Know the Sci-Fi Reader Tag

Maryam the Curious SFF Reader found this tag over on the booktube channel BooksWithEmilyFox and answered the questions for SciFi Month back in November last year. I wasn’t able to squeeze it in back then, so the All Systems Read mini-event is the perfect excuse to do this now. Because Yay for tags!     What is the first science fiction you read? I read both The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and Eva by Peter Dickinson when I was about eight years old, and then Moonwind by Louise Lawrence when I was about ten. I’m pretty sure they were the … Continue reading Fun for Monday: The Get to Know the Sci-Fi Reader Tag

The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag

  A young girl and her little bobble-headed robot travel across a dystopian America, heading for the coast. Doesn’t sound too worrying, does it? Might even be adorable. Don’t be fooled. This is an infectiously spooky, creep-inducing story told in sparse prose and stunning digital paintings. The mounting unease I felt while reading this was unexpected, but, man, did I enjoy myself. In Stålenhag’s America, circa 1997, the country (perhaps the world? We never find out) has fought some sort of massive war using technology that has allowed humans to pilot giant warships and battle-robots remotely. The scars and detritus … Continue reading The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag