Fun for Monday: 6 Degrees of SFnal Separation

Another Monday, another tag! (Tag? Meme? … Whatever). I first saw this one done in this deliciously SciFiMonth way by imyril of There’s Always Room for One More who took her cue from Kate of Books Are My Favourite and Best. Imyril made it look easy, but this took me most of the week to put together because, gosh darn it, I know that two books have themes in common, but all my brain can do for me is shout “both greeeeeeeen!” … which is, yeah, not useful. So while not as inspired as imyril’s list, for sure, here’s my … Continue reading Fun for Monday: 6 Degrees of SFnal Separation

The Wondla Trilogy by Tony DiTerlizzi

I had to stay in today for a parcel for Thumbs and I’ve been in a funk. It’s been cold and overcast, raining on and off all day – a perfect day therefore for reading under a blanket or three by the window (rather than cleaning, hoovering, cooking, sorting, sewing or any other ‘–ing’ that sounds like work). I read the Wondla books first a couple of years ago. They’re a children’s sci-fi trilogy, magically, wonderfully, beautifully illustrated by the author Tony DiTerlizzi, and I read them when I was feeling a bit blue – children’s books are a go-to … Continue reading The Wondla Trilogy by Tony DiTerlizzi